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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Today the weather was better than expected. We popped to the shop by car for a change to pick up a few supplies before heading off to Onarheim.

There was a beautiful rainbow just outside the shop.

At Onarheim we used the teepee style hut to make a fire and prepare lunch.

The smoke drew spiders from the woodwork - Linda wondered if I was cold as I wore my hood up indoors. Nope, I just didn't want spiders down my neck (happy halloween to you too Mother Nature)!

We had hot dog sausages in lompe (a small potato pancake) with beans and delicious hot chocolate to drink.

There are boats which can be hired to row on the lake for a token amount if you bring your own life jackets.

We liked the hut and cooking lunch there very much!
After eating we walked the woods at the far side of the lake.

I tracked a really large deer quite some fact I was quite nervous of meeting it as the prints suggested it could be as large as a moose! Turns out it was only my sister Linda. She has posh Aigle wellies which make her prints look like large (and slightly odd) deer tracks! 😉

This evening we lit the pumpkins which the children carved yesterday evening. Halloween isn't a local tradition at all and Linda had very kindly ordered some pumpkins especially for us at the shop she works at.

After Elias, Elida and Alfred went to bed, Lily and Rowanne watched "The Nightmare before Christmas" and ate a few sweets!

I got one last Halloween surprise just before bed - I discovered I had a tick!!! My first ever tick! There are many ticks in this area but I was a little surprised to find it inside my clothing as I was wearing head to toe waterproofs and wellies when outdoors.


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