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Monday, 28 October 2013

Fiskevatnet Walk

Today we did a beautiful walk around this hiking trail: Fiskevatnet Rundt

At first the children were a bit unsure about walking in the rain - but within minutes they were soon splashing along the pathways which had turned to streams and stomping through large puddles and "swamps" very happily!
There were many interesting obstacles - steep wooden steps with rope railings, ladders along the ground to prevent you sinking into the mud. Bridges across roaring waterfalls...

We stopped at a little bench part way around to enjoy the view of the lake and eat KakkeMan (cake-men) which are very similar in flavour to farleys rusks.

We continued along the trail enjoying the scenery - the bright autumn leaves being a real contrast in colour to the wet trees and rocks.

The tops of the distant mountains were hidden by clouds. 

We saw some blue sky above at times.  The sky changes quickly and often here.

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