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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Time to fly!

Well, a few weeks have gone in the blink of an eye and today is the day we fly.

We got up at 2:30am to make our way to Gatwick Airport in good time. We arrived early, checked our bags in. We sat and relaxed in the departure lounge while we waited for the gate number for our flight to appear on the board.  

At 6:55 we got the long awaited gate number. 94! We then joined another queue.

People with children age 5 and under were called to the desk first so we managed to jump the small queue a little.  This made no difference when joining the bus though and we were all standing like sardines lurching about as the bus drove us to our plane.

A few minutes later we were sitting in our seats and preparing for take-off.

Alfred was most nervous at first but after a while he relaxed.  

Lily reading the safety notice just before take-off!

Crisps after take off - and an iPad to share.  A new game "toca boca mini" to keep them entertained.

A couple of hours later we are ready to invade Norway! 

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