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Friday, 1 November 2013


We went for a walk to hear the red deer stags roaring. The walk was very steep up to the lake - then the terrain was also wet, and boggy.
My stealth walking was not really up to par. John may as well have been dragging a lame troll on a rope behind him!
At one point john stepped into an unexpectedly boggy swamp and sank to thigh level! This was the most worrying part of the evening as I didn't fancy trying to find the trail home alone...

The light became lower as we continued our trek.
We did hear a deer roaring In the distance and as we stood and listened it got nearer and nearer.

I began to worry the stag would be upset we were in his territory and "attack" us. John assured me this had never happened in the history of Tysnes!
We continued along our way, clearing some long grasses from the deer cam as we went. Here's the pic the cam snapped as it thought we were deer passing by.

Going downhill home was much easier than the steep upward climb but we had to concentrate more on our footing.

YouTube Video

The head lamps were a good help.
The terrain is very slippery with wet leaves and rocks and soft moss giving way unexpectedly.
I'm going for a shower in a minute to check for ticks!!!


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