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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More Snow!

Today we awoke to find a surprise of ....more snow! We had anticipated rain as the thaw had definately begun the day before.

Lily and Rowanne are off school with tummy upsets already (they were off yesterday also), and then Gabi came home from the bus stop saying she'd just received a text from the college telling her that Sparsholt was closed due to the weather (they are further north than us - so possibly had more snow than us too).

Jeremy still managed to get off to work in his car alright (driving carefully as all local roads are very icy indeed).

Alfie received an invite from the doctors surgery in the post today to come and get his swine flu vaccine on the 23rd Jan - so he's now booked in for that.

Here is Alfie wearing his new "snow blower" hat that I knitting for him - I made it on the knitting machine and designed the punchcard (pattern card) for the picture myself.

Gabrielle has been busy sorting out the pheasants for tonights casserole. Gabi was on a shoot day yesterday and was given a brace and a tenner for her troubles!

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