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Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Big Freeze Continues!

Gabrielle eventually arrived home around 3.30pm yesterday afternoon.

Jeremy walked into work this morning - around 2 - 3 miles away and managed to make some calls etc. and also got the car home (after visiting the Tesco near work).

We were glad he made it safely home on the icy roads - and also pleased he'd managed to get bread, milk, eggs and other supplies.

The local co-op store has been completely out of bread, milk and eggs for 2 days now. They are clearly not receiving any deliveries - because the roads had not been gritted - and subsequently only main roads have been ploughed.

Hampshire County Council have employed 120 farmers for their snow plough services and are also using JCB's to clear roads.

Jeremy is thinking of driving to work tomorrow - but that may turn out to be an unwise decision because we are supposed to be getting more snow. The temperature is around -5 during the day, so the snow is quite frozen and the roads are very very icy!
Twice today - neighbours have called on us to request borrowing our sledge - to bring their shopping home from the local co-op store (both have young children and found their buggies would not work in the snow)!

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