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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Lovely Sunday!

I had a really nice relaxing day today - for once! I got up and went for a walk with Alfie on the reins this morning - taking his all terrain buggy and our camera. The paths are all very icy - quite treacherous in places! Alfie enjoyed a lovely slide/walk/dog - chase (he likes to follow passing dogs!) all the way to the Locks Heath Center - where he promptly decided he'd had enough exercise and sat on the floor. I popped him into his buggy - which thankfully pushes easily over the ice and snow (unlike our neighbours umbrella fold buggy with little wheels!) and went for a stroll - camera at the ready.

Initially I thought there would be nothing much to take pictures of - but snapped away with the camera anyway at this and that.

When I got home, uploaded the pics to the computer and started editing I was pleasantly surprised - I mean, none of them are "award winning" pics - but on the whole more successful than I had anticipated! I especially enjoyed using the zoom lense to try and capture photo's of birds - this turned out to be quite a sport!

Later in the day Jeremy took the girls out to his dad's (giving me even more peace and quiet than I usually get).

This weekend I have managed to design a punchcard (patterning device pattern card) for my knitting machine of a snow blower! Initially I was designing a snow plough - and after viewing several on "youtube" to get the details, I was fascinated by the "snow blowers" (used in the USA and Canada among other places which get lots of snow), so I made a pattern of one of these too! I then proceeded to knit a hat using the pattern (just to try it out really).... I do at some point intend to make perhaps a jumper with rows of different types of snow ploughs and snow blowers - although Jeremy thinks I'm taking it all a bit far - and that people will not know what the pictures are of because they don't see them very often here!

I hope you all had relaxing weekends too. :o)

I am taking the children to school tomorrow for the first time since last Monday (they shut Tuesday because of the snow)! School is opening at 10am in order to allow extra time to get the children to school safely.

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