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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Exciting Ice Skating!

It was the last day for the temporary ice rink at our local shopping center today. We went to skate at the rink one last time before they sadly packed away.
Alfie hasn't been on the rink before as I had assumed he would find it difficult to balance and would quickly become fed up of falling over. Today was his first time skating and surprisingly he really enjoyed it. At first it was difficult for him and he fell over lots, but he was undeterred and pulled himself back to his feet smiling all the time and ready to try again.
Well his cheerful determination paid off and within 15 minutes or so he found his balance and began to skate!

YouTube Video

Rowanne was a very kind big sister and gave a lot of help initially and she too was very proud of her little brothers progress.
Lily enjoyed skating with her special friend from school and is also becoming more confident each time she goes skating. We will be sad the temporary rink has gone but very much hope to see it again next year. It has been great fun having such a facility available locally.

YouTube Video

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