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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Baptism Classes

Rowanne, Alfred and I attended the first of two baptism classes at our church with a view to getting them baptised sometime in the near future.
The eldest two have already been baptised. Gabrielle is C of E like me, and Lily is Catholic like Jeremy.
The class was really intended for adults, though Father John had recommended that Rowanne attended herself too to learn more about baptism. Rowanne has been rather aggrieved for quite some time that she had not been baptised as a baby and it was she who approached the priest on Christmas Eve to ask about getting baptised now.
The class was really good, intermingling talk, video and discussion in small bites. There were several older children there who were going to be baptised too, so we aren't the only disorganised parents around who haven't baptised their children yet!
I am very proud to say that by whatever divine miracle, Rowanne and Alfred sat quietly and patiently throughout the whole hour and a half class like little angels (although the plate of biscuits at the front, which they were allowed to help themselves from might have helped a bit)!

Location:St Margaret Mary Church, Park Gate

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