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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My first trip to the Barbers shop (Alfred age 5)

Mummy said she would cut my hair. We watched a YouTube video of the style I liked (the "slick rick" haircut).  It looked easy.  I sat very still and mummy got the clippers out (just like the video said to) and began...but mummy kept pausing and rewinding the video tutorial...and I was getting fed-up.
Finally mummy confessed she couldn't quite make my hair look like the video style and said she'd better stop there - and would take me to the barbers the next day to "fix" it!
This wasn't how I wanted my hair at all!!!

The next day mummy telephoned a nearby barbers shop called "Sirs Only".  They said no appointment needed - just turn up.  So that is what we did.  Mummy had to explain she couldn't get my hair right herself.  We showed the barber a photo of how I would like my hair to look.
Luckily the barber knows how to cut hair properly. She said she'd had a lot of practice cutting hair before and a short while later I was ready to leave the shop looking like this:
I will definitely go back to the barbers when I need a trim.  The barber is nice and my haircut only cost a fiver! 

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