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Sunday, 29 December 2013

The fish that saved the day!

Today we (the family) decided it was a nice day for a walk along Strawberry Fields in Warsash to the beach at the Solent.

Lily aged 11 did not agree with the rest of the family. Infact she had quite a lot to say about it and stomped about in a terrible grumpy mood.

We eventually got everyone ready and in the car - Lily sulking all the way (Alfie age 5 declared this the worst day of his life after all the commotion created by his angry sister)!

After we got there - and began our walk along the sunny footpath towards the Solent, Lily continued her negative mood stamping and being argumentative all the much so that the rest of the family walked ahead of us by quite some distance.  Mother was left at the back to encourage her unhappy daughter along the way.
We were just passing the Warsash Maritime Academy on the footpath near the Solent when a very odd happening occurred.

A fish fell from the sky and bounced from my shoulder to Lily's shoulder, down onto the path - flipped onto the wall and eventually landed flapping at the foot of the wall on the beach!

We were both so surprised at this that the squabble we had been having over Lily's grumpiness was instantly forgotten as we both clambered down the wall and onto the muddy beach to look at the fish in disbelief!

The fish was a few inches long, silver and flapping about in search of water. 
I carefully picked it up by its tail fin - and passed it to Lily for a closer look.
After a brief look we both decided the thing to do would be to put the fish into the sea.  In retrospect - I do hope it was a sea fish and not a fresh water fish!
It flapped about and swam away.
I hope the fish has a good long life and wonder if it will remember the day it fell from the sky and landed on some people?!
The rest of the walk was perfectly pleasant with our mood uplifted by the oddness of the event of the silver fish which fell from the sky and stopped the bickering.
We lit a small fire and toasted marshmallows and enjoyed hot cocoa and some jammy donuts before walking home again.

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