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Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

We managed to get ourselves out of bed and down to the doctors surgery for a routine appointment for one of the children early in the morning. Who knew doctors worked Christmas Eve?! The appointment was brief and went without problems.

Lily was pleased to give the doctor a few of her Christmas tree biscuits as a small festive token, and the doctor seemed very happy to get them (they weren't the anatomically correct ginger people, we made sure to only bring moose, tree and bear shapes)!

This afternoon the girls went ice skating at the temporary rink that has been placed at the local shopping center nearby. Meanwhile I kept warm and enjoyed a salted caramel latte at the overlooking coffee shop.

Shortly after we went to the crib service at Church. A delightful event especially created with children in mind and no incense either (a bonus for the asthmatics amongst us)!

Ten minutes into the service Rowanne decided she probably had nits and was urging me to check her hair there and then. I had to explain that this was probably not the place to start a head inspection! Somewhere nearer the service end Alfie decided to get up and sing "Gangnam Style" including the "sexy lady!" line and a bit of that well known dance in front of the stable scene at the back of the church!

Meanwhile Gabrielle was enjoying building a snowman at Aunty Linda's house! Doesn't he look fantastic by the light of the Christmas tree.

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