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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Waiting for the train

Gabrielle and I are having a girly afternoon out shopping and we have left the gremlins with daddy!
We are just waiting for the train here at Swanwick station.

First we visited Aldi in town, having never been before we were delighted with the low prices and selection of produce available.
I bought a box of fireworks ready for tomorrow evening. They have some really lovely Christmas products for sale at bargainous prices too so I will be shopping there again soon I think.
The other shop we visited was TK Maxx which is another fantastic place to shop because they have a very wide choice of items for sale and everything is very much discounted. We both left with some gorgeous bargain (Merrell) boots to wear!

No shopping trip is quite complete without a little visit to McDonald's. I know a lot of people think McDonald's only sell junk food but once in a blue moon it does no harm. McDonald's is also one of the few places Gabrielle and I can rely upon to provide safe nut-free meals and drinks which have no cross contamination issues. In recent years they have been offering some more healthy options to the menu too (salads, fruit, fruit juice, milk).
If you look on their website at the nutrition calculator, select your items you can then click the allergens button and get information about which allergens are present or not in the food.


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